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Gender: Male
Discovered: 2012-08-15 (ID# 32717)

Pages Explored: 706,350
Forum Posts: 28
Job: Craftsman (Level 16)
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User Trophies:

Click Wars 2015

Alexia Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y8 Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y6 Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y5 Puzzle Collector

Alice Puzzle Collector

Pilair Puzzle Collector

Ichu Puzzle Collector

Malvagio Slayer

Bingo Winner

Ichumon Y7 Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y4 Puzzle Collector

Master Quest


Lightning Houses

3rd place in Top Poster

1st place in Snubbu's Sno-Gro

3rd place in Lightning Houses

2nd place in The Rarity Game

2nd place in Battle Royale x2

Ichu Lottery

1st place in Battle Royale x2

3rd place in Battle Royale x5

3rd place in Plushie Drive

3rd place in Plushie Collector

1st place in Book Collector

1st place in Avatar Collector

1st place in Gamble

3rd place in Under The Rock

2nd place in Ichu Race

1st place in Capture The Flag

1st place in Stinger Shot

1st place in Leaping Leepras

2nd place in Holey Moley

1st place in Item Roller

1st place in Question Time

2nd place in What Am I

2nd place in Fire, Earth and Water

3rd place in Hungry Kopie

1st place in Turkey Bowling

1st place in SNAP

3rd place in Dr Dim Quests

1st place in The Shredder

1st place in Calista's Treasures

1st place in Restock Race x3

1st place in Higher Or Lower

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2016 Member
Master Quest Pins (7):

Master of All ElevationsCapture the FlagDr. Dim QuesterAvatar AficionadoDig for GloryHouse Repair HotshotFishing Whiz
User Icons (7):

Special Festival Of ARHHHH! Ghost IconBattle Shield IconBlack Bat IconPilair Elf IconMaevas Black Cat IconPumpkin IconY2 Balloon Icon
User Colors (9):

Cerulean Spring
Citrus Rinse
Fire Storm
Mystical Y2
Neon Fantasy
Orchid Dreams
Robins Egg
Tree Lights
Victory Sunset Water Reflection