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Discovered: 2010-07-30 (ID# 23492)

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Job: Craftsman (Level 7)
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Lightning Houses


Bingo Winner x2

2nd place in Holey Moley

1st place in Snake

2nd place in Ichu Memory

1st place in Ichu Staff Say

2nd place in Leaping Leepras

1st place in Hungry Kopie

2nd place in Fire, Earth and Water

1st place in Lightning Houses

1st place in Snubbu's Sno-Gro

1st place in Stinger Shot

1st place in Nobody Knows

1st place in Fishing Quests

1st place in Bone Snatcher

3rd place in Top Poster

2nd place in Turkey Bowling

1st place in Breakout

1st place in Candy Corn Collect

1st place in Gamble

1st place in Dr Dim Quests

3rd place in Avatar Collector

1st place in Twenty One

3rd place in Furniture Quests

1st place in Corek Quests

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Master of All ElevationsDr. Dim QuesterCapture the FlagShop RestockerIchie Idol
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Mystical Y2