Excuse the mess, I'm recoding my profile.
(I probably mutilated the code behind this)

Mandatory About Me Section

I'm Ichumon's resident memelord.
Space is my aesthetic (if you can't tell.)
I'm secretly a cat
Sarcasm is my second language.
I'm a walking magnet for disaster.
If there's one person that could accidentally end the world, it's me.
I sell medical items in my shop. Guarenteed cheapest on the market.

Obtain an extra pet slot ( )
Obtain a Demon Flarix ( )
Obtain a Thunderstorm Ignomi ( )
Obtain an Elemental/Inverno Lepardos ( )
Obtain an Astro Lycan ( )
Obtain an Sprout Dragora (Maybe)
Obtain an Astro Tectowl (Maybe)
Obtain a Pantheon Corvus (Maybe)
Obtain the following items:
Relic Slayer ( ) Sub-Arctic Ice Gun ( ) Ichu Staff of Purity ( ) Rainbow Mallet ( ) Astro Skin ( ) Space Ribbon ( ) Bottled Fireflies ( ) Galaxy Ribbon ( ) New Years Dragon Tattoo ( ) Opal Crystal Fragment ( ) Night Enchanting Sky Scarf ( ) Perfect White Feathers ( ) Mist ( ) Coal ( ) Space Persona Box Set ( ) Space Helmet ( ) The Universe Essence ( )

Friend Requests?: Only if I've talked to you before.
Crusade Arena Parties?: Definitely!
Gallery?: Not for sale, sorry. Although you could probably try to bribe me with Wishlist items. -wink wink-
Buying Wishlist items?: Yep! Name your price!

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