Previously Mirror

My goals:
( ) 10,000hp
( ) 10,000 Strength
( ) 10,000 Defense
( ) 10,000 Accuracy
( ) 10,000 Intelligence
(x) Level 100


User Persona

Gender: Female
Discovered: 2010-02-16 (ID# 21692)

Pages Explored: 3,788,431
Forum Posts: 1314
Job: Craftsman (Level 21)
Premium: Yes
Warning: 0%
User Titles:
Loved x3Pro SBer x5
Top BattlerBlogger x15




User Trophies:

Click Wars 2015

Ichua Drought
Valiant Victor

Dessert Warfare
Sweets Sergeant

Super Villain
Super Sidekick

The Missing Reporter
Prestigious Puzzle-Solver

Ichumon Y5 Puzzle Collector

Treasured Mines Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y2 Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y6 Puzzle Collector

Blog Of The Month x2

Pilair Puzzle Collector

Bingo Winner x9

Apprentice Stamp Collector

Alice Puzzle Collector

Drought Puzzle Collector

Alexia Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y3 Puzzle Collector

Maeva Puzzle Collector

Mel-T Puzzle Collector

GM Deal

Ichumon Y7 Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y9 Puzzle Collector

Persona Of The Week Winner x5

Malvagio Slayer

Ichumon Y4 Puzzle Collector

Ichu Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y8 Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Puzzle Collector

Corek Puzzle Collector


Lightning Houses

Master Quest

Turkey Bowling 2010

Mission #10 in Guardians Of Ichua

1st place in Bone Snatcher

3rd place in Plushie Collector

1st place in Top Ichies

1st place in The Rarity Game

3rd place in Restock Race

2nd place in Restock Race x3

3rd place in Rare Food Collector

1st place in Holey Moley

1st place in Turkey Bowling

1st place in Candy Corn Collect

2nd place in Under The Rock

2nd place in Snake

2nd place in Breakout

1st place in OMG Apples

1st place in Leaping Leepras

1st place in Ichu Memory

2nd place in Snubbu's Sno-Gro

1st place in Stinger Shot

1st place in Book Collector

1st place in Hungry Kopie

1st place in Question Time

1st place in Furniture Quests

1st place in Hangman Champion x3

1st place in Fishing Quests

1st place in Council Quests

1st place in Dr Dim Quests

1st place in Higher Or Lower

1st place in Corek Quests

1st place in Tyes Ticket Quest

1st place in Calista's Treasures

1st place in Capture The Flag

1st place in Lightning Houses

1st place in Guess The Number

1st place in SNAP

1st place in Art Competition

1st place in Money Grabbing

1st place in Gamble

1st place in The Shredder

3rd place in Battle Royale x8

2nd place in Battle Royale x7

1st place in What Am I

Ichu Lottery x4

1st place in Ellune Quest

1st place in Item Roller

1st place in Avatar Collector

2nd place in Plushie Drive

1st place in Battle Royale x15

1st place in Battle Champion

1st place in Fire, Earth and Water

2nd place in Nobody Knows

3rd place in IchuCard Collector

1st place in Twenty One

1st place in Sly Slick Slots

1st place in Ichu Staff Say

1st place in Job Quester

1st place in Top Poster

1st place in Referral

1st place in Ichu Race

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2017 Member
Master Quest Pins (16):

Ichie IdolMaster of All ElevationsDr. Dim QuesterMoney GrabbingGuess the NumberShop RestockerHouse Repair HotshotIchumon CarerAvatar AficionadoDig for GloryCapture the FlagBattle Master
Forum PostingChampion of CorekIchumon EntertainerFishing Whiz
User Icons (47):

New Years Ball Drop IconSunny Day IconMuncher IconY2 User IconBattle Shield IconSpecial Festival Of ARHHHH! Ghost IconMel-T the Snowman IconBlue Paw Print IconIchua World IconDice IconNinja IconAnniversary Party Hat IconSnoring Cat IconY2 Balloon IconHangman IconPilair Elf IconMaevas Black Cat IconRainbow IconTwinkling Hearts Icon2012 User IconPalm Tree IconSurfboard IconStrawberry IconCherry IconBlue Lightning IconPirate IconPremium IconClover IconDaffodil IconAlice Moon IconY5 User IconBlue Cotton Candy IconPink Cotton Candy IconIchustein IconPumpkin IconBlack Bat IconBlast Off Space Ship Icon2014 IconPot of Gold IconY6 User IconAlexias Moon IconY7 User IconYellow Easter Egg IconY8 User IconCrystalline Snowflake IconBingo IconY9 User Icon
User Colors (76):

Alma Mater
Be Mine
Beige Green
Blueberry Slushy
Camouflage Green
Candy Floss
Coral Sea
Coreks Calling
Cotton Candy Blue
Dear Journal
Deep Emotion
Desert Winds
Dessert Swirl
Evil Villain
Faded Grass
Fair Style
Forest Green
Fruit Punch
Hot Afternoon
Hot Pink
Ichu After Dark
In Stitches
In the House-In a Heartbeat
Jade Teal
Little Lamb
Lost City
Mint Green
Mossy Ground
Musical Rainbow
My Valentine
Mystical Y2
Neon Fantasy
One Shot
Patio Green
Pilair Lightshow
Pink Hearts
Pink Smoke
Princess Purple
Purple Dreams
Purple Fields
Raspberry Truffle
Robins Egg
Royal Decor
Rusty Sea
Sand Yellow
Seashells and Seafoam
Silver Anniversary
Simply Festive
Sky Blue
Snot Green
Spring Clouds
Steel Blue
Sunlit Clovers
Swamp Green
Sweet Corn
Sweet Relish
Tan Brown
Tropical Waters
Turn Cold
Vanilla Cupcake
When They Fight