Hello, I am Queenie. I love to meet new people and chit chat, so if you see me online don't be afraid to stop by and say hi! If you play with my ichies while you're here just let me know, and I'll return the favor. You are most likely to find me rummaging through the mushroom shops looking for any customs/rares to add to my ever growing collection. I have rares/customs duplicates in my *FOR SALE/TRADE* room of my gallery, go ahead take a look.

I am always chasing down the items on my WL, if you have any of those up for sale/trade PLEASE message me, I'm sure we can strike up a deal.

Currently I am working towards knocking out some of these avvies that I have yet to get. I have a Buying/Lending/Borrowing thread in Avvie Forums, I would be ever so grateful to anyone who helps me cross some off of my list.!

Also, I just need a few more pieces to each of the (non event) puzzles. All pieces still needed are on my WL, want to sell me some??

Thanks for stopping by!
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