Hello, I am Queenie. I am still fairly new to Ichua, but I already love it so much. Mostly I spend my time on here restocking and collecting rare/custom items. I have a FOR SALE sub gallery that you are more than welcome to check out, any other room is not for sale so please DO NOT ask. I also have quite a few avvie items for lending in there, mail me if you need to borrow any of them. I'm always ready to make a new friend so mail me even if you are just bored! Also, if you play with my ichies just drop me a comment and I'll returm the favor! Thanks for stopping by!
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Lil Geisty

Astro Vina

Make-Believe Giraffe
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Apprentice Stamp Collector

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Lightning Houses

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2nd place in The Rarity Game

2nd place in Capture The Flag

1st place in Money Grabbing

1st place in Higher Or Lower

2nd place in Avatar Collector

1st place in Bone Snatcher

1st place in Fire, Earth and Water

1st place in Twenty One

3rd place in Under The Rock

1st place in Holey Moley

2nd place in Turkey Bowling

2nd place in Stinger Shot

1st place in Ichu Memory

2nd place in Snake

2nd place in Dr Dim Quests

1st place in Fishing Quests

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Capture the FlagMaster of All ElevationsGuess the NumberAvatar AficionadoHouse Repair HotshotDr. Dim QuesterMoney Grabbing
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