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Birthday Poem

From meatpuff on 2013-04-14

Nanny's Birthday is extra fun.
She gets presents from everyone.
Nanny is so loved and she's really nice.
Do anything for Nanny, don't have to ask twice.
Just a birthday wish and her heart you will touch.
Happy birthday Nanny! We love you so much!

You have unlocked the Jelly Lookup!
This user profile theme has been added to your Profile Theme list.
A Big Thank You to Misko for Gifting me this Beautiful Lookup
Big Hugs Misko You made Nanny Very Happy and All Smiles :)

A Big Huggies to April .. for giving me the Master Quest Profile
She made Ol Nanny Veryyyy Happy indeed .. Lovey You Sweetie!

Rosie and her Buddies have played with your Babies.. They all had a Blast! Rosie hopes you will come play with them.. Hugs Nanny ...
Nanny PLAYS with ALL your Babies .. I just want all to know if I say I played with your Babies I played with them All
Have a Great Day Everyone ... and Thank You for Playing with All of Mine! Hugs and Love Nanny.

Thank you Magicstar Cherry Twin Popsicle Eat this popsicle and all your troubles will melt away! Your lost puppy will come home! All your bills will be paid! You will win a brand new car... Hmm, I think this is false advertising. Well, it's GOOD in any case.

Hallows War
For participating in the Hallows War, you receive 100000 iP, a Treasure Chest and Key and 60 Premium Days! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Nanny who won 250 iC in GM DEAL! April 2 2010

April 14
Yay! today is my Birthday the BIG 60..
Happy Birthday to me!! Thankie Nanny

[b]My First Key and Chest

Bronze Key
A key that can unlock a treasure chest.
You use the key to Unlock the chest and you find
Brown Robot Dragora Plushie, Magical Yellow Ichu Mirror Shard and Earth Amulet.
Thank You Skritnaja for making my Key

The Puzzle Piece was added to your Puzzles
You have been awarded a trophy for your lookup and a Secret Avatar!

You've found the Avatar Olemas Puzzle Collector!
Thank you! Zarf for the Trade! XOXOXO
May 19 2010

Referal Nanny

September 1 2010
Congratulations, you won the game of Snap and
have won the prize money of 25000 iP!

nanny has just won the game of SNAP
prize money of 25000 iP!!!
The game lasted for 70 rounds!

Dragora's Nest
October 13 2010
The Dragora looks at you
then decides you are worthy of this item:
Go Go Nanny!

Blog of the Week
January 2 2011
There is a new Blog of the Week.
This week's featured blog is: Lists

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