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In Memory of Chester Bennington (lead singer)

A Beautiful head shot of Pendragon BY: WinterBliss

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Pendragon level 100 [X]
Pendragon on top ichumon list [X]
Complete gallery []
Complete card collection [X]
Get a complete battle set[]
Get a seal of entrapment[X]
Get 50mil ip []
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Alis Koneko of Ultimate Destruction
cat of destruction


lvl 10 please

Twilight Kitty


The Paw
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Ichua Drought
Sand Sweeper

The Missing Reporter
Ice Scraper

Mel-T Puzzle Collector

Apprentice Stamp Collector

Maeva Puzzle Collector

Persona Of The Week Winner x2

Ichumon Y8 Puzzle Collector

Malvagio Slayer

Ichumon Y9 Puzzle Collector

Bingo Winner x3


Master Quest

Lightning Houses

Mission #10 in Guardians Of Ichua

3rd place in Battle Royale x9

1st place in Battle Royale x56

1st place in Council Quests

1st place in Question Time

2nd place in Battle Royale x16

1st place in Plushie Collector

1st place in Higher Or Lower

1st place in Toy Collector

2nd place in Tyes Ticket Quest

1st place in Corek Quests

1st place in Guess The Number

2nd place in Rare Food Collector

2nd place in Restock Race

2nd place in Avatar Collector

2nd place in Furniture Quests

2nd place in Book Collector

2nd place in Referral

1st place in Restock Race

1st place in Calista's Treasures

1st place in Gamble

1st place in Snubbu's Sno-Gro

1st place in Ellune Quest

2nd place in Fishing Quests

1st place in Lightning Houses

1st place in Battle Champion

1st place in Ichu Staff Say

1st place in Hungry Kopie

1st place in OMG Apples

1st place in Candy Corn Collect

1st place in Breakout

1st place in Ichu Memory

2nd place in Money Grabbing

1st place in Fire, Earth and Water

1st place in Plushie Drive

1st place in Twenty One

1st place in Turkey Bowling

1st place in Top Poster

1st place in Job Quester

2nd place in Holey Moley

1st place in The Shredder

1st place in IchuCard Collector

2nd place in Nobody Knows

1st place in Ichu Race

2nd place in Under The Rock

1st place in The Rarity Game

1st place in SNAP

1st place in Stinger Shot

2nd place in Capture The Flag

1st place in Leaping Leepras

1st place in Bone Snatcher

1st place in Item Roller

2nd place in Dr Dim Quests

Ichu Lottery x3

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Master of All ElevationsDr. Dim QuesterCapture the FlagDig for GloryAvatar AficionadoHouse Repair HotshotIchie IdolFishing WhizForum PostingIchumon EntertainerGuess the NumberMoney Grabbing
Ichumon CarerChampion of CorekShop RestockerBattle Master
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Pilair Elf IconBattle Shield IconY2 User IconNew Years Ball Drop IconY2 Balloon IconBlue Cotton Candy IconY5 User IconBlue Lightning IconMaevas Black Cat IconBlack Bat IconPremium IconGrey Ghost IconGreen Easter Egg IconY6 User IconPumpkin IconY7 User IconSpecial Festival Of ARHHHH! Spider IconTurkey Leg IconYin Yang IconCrystalline Snowflake IconBersurkeys Battle Axe IconHeart Bow Icon2017 IconDaffodil IconY9 User IconBingo Icon
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Be Mine
Blue Applesauce
Cranberry Sauce
Dew Laden Leaf
Festive Fern
Forgotten Love
Greater Heights
Hallows Fright
Lemon Zest
Lost City
Murky Water
Possessed Puppet
Pumpkin Spice
Purple Iris
Red Versus
The Headless Horseman
True Green
Turkey Lurky
Victory Sunset Water Reflection