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About Me and Goals

Caring Cures Center

I currently have...

Appills (9)
Ice Pack (7)
Stinky Feet Begone (OUT OF STOCK)
Heart Broken Curing Cream (OUT OF STOCK)
Bacon Bandaid (1)
Regular Bandaid (1)

Appills - 15,000 iP (Buddies: 10,000 iP)
Ice Pack - 20,000 iP (Buddies: 15,000 iP)
Stinky Feet Begone - N/A
Heart Broken Curing Cream - N/A
Bacon Bandaid - 15,000 iP (Buddles - 10,000 iP)
Regular Bandaid - 30,000 iP (Buddies: 25,000 iP)

Buddies get a discount on cures.

User Persona

Gender: Female
Discovered: 2017-10-13 (ID# 41648)

Pages Explored: 163,100
Forum Posts: 24
Job: Cleric (Level 11)
Premium: No
Warning: 0%

Red Lycan Sprite


Tar Bunny
Tartar Sauce

Cupi Egg
User Trophies:

Bingo Winner x2

Malvagio Slayer

Persona Of The Week Winner x2

Fledgling Stamp Collector

Master Quest

Lightning Houses

1st place in Nobody Knows

1st place in Breakout

2nd place in Ellune Quest

1st place in Snubbu's Sno-Gro

2nd place in SNAP

3rd place in Job Quester

1st place in Stinger Shot

1st place in Hungry Kopie

1st place in Art Competition

2nd place in Fire, Earth and Water

3rd place in What Am I

3rd place in Plushie Collector

1st place in Bone Snatcher

1st place in Top Poster

1st place in Ichu Memory

1st place in The Shredder

2nd place in Turkey Bowling

3rd place in Rare Food Collector

3rd place in Corek Quests

1st place in OMG Apples

Ichu Lottery x2

1st place in Twenty One

1st place in Leaping Leepras

1st place in Holey Moley

1st place in Referral

1st place in Toy Collector

1st place in Ichu Staff Say

1st place in Higher Or Lower

3rd place in Plushie Drive

2nd place in Dr Dim Quests

3rd place in Furniture Quests

2nd place in Lightning Houses

2nd place in Capture The Flag

2nd place in Council Quests

3rd place in Avatar Collector

1st place in Snake

2017 Member
Master Quest Pins (5):

Master of All ElevationsCapture the FlagAvatar AficionadoMoney GrabbingDig for Glory
User Icons (3):

Battle Shield IconPilair Elf IconGreen Easter Egg Icon
User Colors (4):

Be Mine
Lima Beans
Pilair Lightshow