I was discovered on October, Friday the 13th. Spoopy! Anyways, about me... I have entomophobia, better known as the fear of multiple species of insects. I'm still unfortunately in school ;-; but I mean I'm not ready for finances and an actual life yet. I'm practicing German (although I'm very lazy with it so I'm rusty) and currently playing violin though I've played piano for a few years.

I hoard several things including Magical Shards, Jellers, Aquellia Plushies, and Avatars! If you visit my Gallery, I will allow you to borrow my items from Avatar Adventures for a hidden avatar only if we at least become friends and talk for a bit. The Rubber Ducks will take a bit more convincing, as they are rare. Need a cure? Visit Caring Cures in my Gallery and Ichumail me about which of your ichumon has a disease and what cure you need. I will create the cure ASAP.


( ) Change Pilair Loket name and species to Aquellia
( ) Change my username
( ) Own at least 1 of every Aquellia Plushie
( ) Buy an extra Ichumon slot
( ) Temporarily have premium
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Gender: Female
Discovered: 2017-10-13 (ID# 41648)

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