Goals on here : get pet up to 10,000 exp get pet kills over 200001
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Gender: Female
Discovered: 2009-04-24 (ID# 15507)

Pages Explored: 4,171,906
Forum Posts: 167
Job: Trainer (Level 22)
Premium: Yes
Warning: 0%
User Titles:
Quester x7Gamer x2
Top BattlerChampion



Festive Egg

User Trophies:

Super Villain
Super Sidekick

Ichua Drought
Scorpio Stomper

The Missing Reporter
Prestigious Puzzle-Solver

Pilair Puzzle Collector

Giant Egg of Doom Puzzle Collector

Treasured Mines Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y6 Puzzle Collector

Alexia Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Puzzle Collector

Mel-T Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y5 Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y7 Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y8 Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y9 Puzzle Collector

Malvagio Slayer

Ichumon Year 1 Puzzle Collector

Maeva Puzzle Collector

Expert Stamp Collector

Corek Puzzle Collector

Lightning Houses

Turkey Bowling 2010

Master Quest


Mission #10 in Guardians Of Ichua

2nd place in Restock Race x9

2nd place in Referral

3rd place in Plushie Drive

2nd place in The Rarity Game

2nd place in Giant Egg of Doom

1st place in Ellune Quest

1st place in Twenty One

1st place in Capture The Flag

2nd place in Ichu Staff Say

3rd place in Top Poster

GM Deal

3rd place in SNAP

Ichu Lottery x2

2nd place in Question Time

1st place in Restock Race x20

1st place in Battle Royale x2

2nd place in The Shredder

3rd place in Ichu Voter

2nd place in Higher Or Lower

1st place in Battle Champion

2nd place in Battle Royale x10

1st place in Lightning Houses

Bingo Winner x10

1st place in Fishing Quests

1st place in Sly Slick Slots

1st place in Nobody Knows

1st place in What Am I

3rd place in Restock Race x10

1st place in Council Quests

1st place in Furniture Quests

1st place in Dr Dim Quests

1st place in Tyes Ticket Quest

1st place in Avatar Collector

1st place in Item Roller

2nd place in Job Quester

1st place in Gamble

3rd place in Battle Royale x7

1st place in Corek Quests

2009 Member

2010 Member

2011 Member

2012 Member

2013 Member

2014 Member

2015 Member

2016 Member

2017 Member
Master Quest Pins (14):

Ichie IdolHouse Repair HotshotMaster of All ElevationsAvatar AficionadoIchumon CarerShop RestockerBattle MasterCapture the FlagFishing WhizDig for GloryIchumon EntertainerDr. Dim Quester
Champion of CorekMoney Grabbing
User Icons (20):

Ichu Gift Box IconNew Years Ball Drop IconBlast Off Space Ship IconMaevas Black Cat IconPilair Elf IconPremium IconDaffodil IconHangman IconAlice Moon IconBlue Cotton Candy IconY5 User IconPink Cotton Candy IconGrey Ghost IconY6 User IconY8 User IconGreen Easter Egg IconYellow Easter Egg IconY9 User IconBee IconY7 User Icon
User Colors (31):

Alma Mater
Autumn Drop
Be Mine
Black Ice
Blue Bouquet
Cherry Blossom
Clown Nose
Faded Gold
Falling Star
Float On
Forgotten Love
Hyper Hydrangea
Ichu After Dark
Lapis Love
Lime Freeze
Mountain River
Murky Water
Mystical Y2
Pink Primrose
Posies Blooming
Raspberry Tea
Sky Blue
Sweet Carnation
Tree Ornament
Victory Sunset Water Reflection
Vision Bell