Complete Wabo Quests 12/60
Complete Ellune Quests 10/60
Get Gargoyle Crystal [ ]
Complete Ignomi Collection [X]
20 Million ip in bank [X]121314
30 Million ip in bank[ ]
50 Million ip in bank[ ]
100 Million ip in bank[ ]
Be Able to beat Alice or Alexia[ ]

Bad Apple
Sell Me This Please!?

User Persona

Gender: Female
Discovered: 2010-04-23 (ID# 22276)

Pages Explored: 688,366
Forum Posts: 685
Job: Craftsman (Level 15)
Premium: No
Warning: 16%

Dragora Elemento
Baby Lucas


Make me a Boony!!!

Autumn Sage
User Trophies:

Dessert Warfare
Sugar Smasher

Click Wars 2015

Ichua Drought
Scorpio Stomper

The Missing Reporter
Daring Detective

Super Villain
Super Sidekick

Malvagio Slayer

Ichumon Y5 Puzzle Collector

Ichu Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Y7 Puzzle Collector

Bingo Winner x5

Corek Puzzle Collector

Alexia Puzzle Collector

Persona Of The Week Winner x14

Mel-T Puzzle Collector

Drought Puzzle Collector

Ichumon Puzzle Collector


Lightning Houses

Master Quest

2nd place in Twenty One

3rd place in Toy Collector

2nd place in Calista's Treasures

1st place in Restock Race

Ichu Lottery

2nd place in Battle Champion

3rd place in Capture The Flag

3rd place in The Rarity Game

2nd place in Breakout

1st place in Holey Moley

2nd place in Ichu Memory

3rd place in Restock Race x2

1st place in Dr Dim Quests

1st place in Ellune Quest

3rd place in Candy Corn Collect

1st place in Nobody Knows

1st place in IchuCard Collector

1st place in Turkey Bowling

1st place in The Shredder

1st place in Top Poster

3rd place in Ichu Staff Say

1st place in Question Time

1st place in Gamble

1st place in Lightning Houses

1st place in Item Roller

1st place in Fishing Quests

2nd place in Tyes Ticket Quest

2nd place in Corek Quests

1st place in Avatar Collector

2nd place in Furniture Quests

1st place in Ichu Race

2010 Member

2011 Member

2012 Member

2013 Member

2014 Member

2015 Member

2016 Member

2017 Member
Master Quest Pins (8):

Master of All ElevationsIchie IdolIchumon CarerDr. Dim QuesterAvatar AficionadoHouse Repair HotshotCapture the FlagShop Restocker
User Icons (7):

Battle Shield IconIgnomi IconY2 User IconY3 User IconMusic Note IconPilair Elf IconY7 User Icon
User Colors (34):

April Showers
Be Mine
Berry Delicious
Coral Sea
Crocodile Tears
Days of Sorrow
Deep Emotion
Evil Villain
Green Screen
Healing Heart
Healthy Planet
Ichu After Dark
Lemon Zest
Little Lamb
Lyras Luck
My Valentine
Mystical Y2
Patio Green
Pilair Lightshow
Purple Mauve
Raspberry Tea
Silk Pink
Srawberry Love
The Universe
Tinted with Teal
Toxic Tinsel
Turn Cold
Victory Sunset Water Reflection