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Fargo's Forest

Beginning at the base of a rocky mountain range, and extending for miles to the north and south, Fargo's Forest is one of Ichua's largest and most mysterious features. Some say these woods are as old as Ichua itself, while others claim that the man for whom the forest is named, planted and cared for every tree. Most, though, think only of the strong magic that seeps from the plants and rich soil which keep this mystical place eternally young and refreshed. Recognizing the benefits of the energies that waft through the air, some Ichuans have set up small operations such as the Shredder, and keep a Donation Hole for those less fortunate. If you're feeling lucky, you may even want to stray so far into the undergrowth as to find the Morphic Pool. Whatever you choose to do here, take care to be kind to the environment, for they say the spirits who dwell here do not take kindly to those who would abuse their home...

Luwhut Tree

Approach the Lepardos!

Fargo's Morphic Pool

The Shredder

The Donation Hole

Lucky Lyra

Plushie Paradise

Flavorful Fruits

Apple Shop


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