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After a tiring climb of the Tower to the Clouds, you now find yourself in Myztec. No one really knows how or when this area was created, although it's been clear that the Thunder Divinity Wayob has cleverly found a way for common Ichuans to visit this sacred land. Wayob now rests in his Temple, waiting for worthy Ichuans capable of fulfilling his high demands. An out-of-place clock is also found on the Clouds. It seems broken though, maybe because no one cared for it for centuries. A dimly lit cave also awaits adventurers who cannot get enough adrenaline. Myztec looks like it has infinite space, so we're sure that there's plenty more to be discovered on this strange place...

Stone Clock

Wayob's Quests

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Anne has just won Capture The Flag! They won a Toxic Muffin and 10000 iP! Flag #50
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