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Rules Rules

The short version:

  • One account per person
  • Don't cheat
  • Be nice to others
  • No Drama, anywhere on-site
  • Don't post or share anything offensive
  • No advertising for user titles (Most Loved, etc...)
  • No advertising other websites anywhere on Ichumon.
  • If you are rude to someone in the shoutbox, or anywhere on the site you can be timed out/warned at the staff's discretion.
  • If you're found cheating, all accounts associated with you will be banned. There is no way to get these accounts back, even if you have used the cash shop.
  • If your account reaches a 100% warning level, you will be banned for life from

  1. No swearing - including abbreviations, deliberate misspellings or use of symbols or numbers to mean a term deemed normally as swearing.
  2. English Only - the odd foreign word is allowable as long as it's generally known (Bonjour, Hola etc). Keep Text lingo, N00b, L33t and invented languages e.g Star Trek's Klingon to a bare minimum.
  3. Do not spam - this includes Emotes, Operator responses and posting repeated messages.
  4. Do not post in ALL CAPS at any time unless it's certain site events you've copied/pasted (Slots Jackpot for example). Overuse of Caps deemed to be a deliberate act of trolling or spamming will be punished.
  5. No begging or harassing other players for items, money, Ichie plays, hearts, blog subscribers or anything else.
  6. Respect other users, the staff and Ichumon at all times.
  7. You may mention other pet sites but do not recruit.
  8. Do not post offsite links in the SB, you may use other site areas for that.
  9. Do not impersonate another User or Staff member at any time.
  10. Do not rant/flame/moan or argue over any punishment you may of been given. Use User Support if you disagree with a ruling.
  11. Debating and arguing is fine as long as it is kept respectful and stop immediately if you are asked to by Staff, you do not need to be given an explanation as to why.
  12. Avoid talking about death, murder, suicide, depression, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, self harming or other similar 'gruesome' subjects. Fantasy Violence is okay in moderation (Vampires/Zombies/Gaming/Movies etc) but keep to a PG13 rating at all times.
  13. No copy/pasted gift messages. You may thank a User for a gift but do not discuss sending or receiving items in depth. It only encourages beggars and jealousy. *SB Only
  14. No Mini Modding. The Staff are there to enforce the rules, not you. If there are no Staff available take screen shots of anything you consider wrong and use User Support.
  15. Do not discuss who has Blocked or been blocked.
  16. Do not post in the SB to bring attention to another part of the site to get around SB rules.
  17. Cross-Site trading of items is allowed with other sites that also allow cross-site trading. Ichumon items cannot be bought or sold for real currency or any product that can be exchanged for non-virtual currencies.
  18. You may self-ban with a request to User Support. You must wait 1 month before lifting the ban.
  19. If you want to "restart" with a new account you must notify staff via User Support to have your old account banned and wait 2 weeks to create your new account. Nothing may be transfered from your old account to new including through 3rd parties.
  20. Do not duplicate content found in Ichumon's premium database, maps, or other premium content. All content is copyright Ichumon and is not redistributable. You may help other users by giving weapon stats, item type, etc...
Rules are enforced by Staff and are very much at their discretion as to when something is wrong, gone too far or should not be discussed. Just because it may not be written in these rules does not automatically mean you may talk about it, in this case Moderators will ask the SB in general or a particular User to stop a conversation, they may or may not give a reason why but you MUST act accordingly with their instructions. If this is ignored punishments will be issued.

Rules are subject to change at any time with no warning.

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