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Terms of Use

This page is designed to make sure you as the user are safe and aware of all possible threats that could appear whilst browsing the internet! Make sure you read this page as it is very important and will take you through all the safety measures and how to spot a possible threat!

Tip 1- Sign up with a different password than to your email address or any other site you play! - Incase someone finds out your password for another site you play, they won't be able to gain access to your Ichumon account as well.

Tip 2- Make sure your password is secure - There is only one barrier to entry to gain access to your account, and that is your password. To keep your account as safe as possible, including all your items and iP, you need to use a password that is hard to guess. Use numbers and characters so that you can remember them. i.e Thund3r44is4gr3at . (Don't use this password ... ). Don't choose obviously names or common words as your password, such as password, qwerty, food, hot etc. Make sure it is at least 6 characters long and contains numbers. NEVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD OUT TO ANYONE! Ichumon Staff will NEVER ask for your password, and so therefor there is no need for anyone else to know it. Giving out your password to a user, will allow them to access your account and steal all your items and iP!

Tip 3 - Never visit websites outside of Ichumon - Sometimes users may post websites on Ichumon, claiming them to be iP generators, or programs that will make you rich. However, once you click these website links, they may contain innappropiate content or even VIRUSES which cause harm to your computer. Please be careful when visiting other websites. If your un-sure of a website someone has posted on Ichumon, feel free to Alert a GM.

Tip 4- Do not post personal information about yourself or your family - Ichumon is a world on it's own, so therefor there shouldn't be any need for you to post information of where you live. There are many people out there who are strangers and are not who they say they are, so please do not post any contact information. Keep it to yourself.

Tip 5 - Be careful who you speak to - If someone says something to you or sends you something that concerns you, you can notify the Ichumon Staff by clicking on Alert GM. They will be able to check it out for you. Report any swearing, racism or inappropiate content to the Staff.

Tip 6 - Ichumon is free to play! - This is true! It does not cost you single penny to play this site, however, the Cash Shop allows players to purchase items to enhance their gameplay and support Ichumon with real money. If you are going to purchase items from the Cash Shop, please make sure your parents are with you when you do it and that they fully understand what you are purchasing.

Tip 7 - Having fun! - Have fun when playing Ichumon! Users from all over the world are allowed to play Ichumon and many users come from different backgrounds and cultures. Please respect each other and remember not to swear or use innappropiate language.
If you have questions, or would like to complain about these Terms of Use and our information practices, please contact us by User Support at

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