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Lightest Tower

As ancient myth has it, the world of Ichua were once seized by a wicked curse that left lands infertile and hearts bereft. The strongest and wisest of them rose up and built the Lightest Tower in defiance, and the hope it inspired paved the way to making Ichua peaceful and prosperous once more. The Lightest Tower is more than just a tower. It is home to both the mightiest warriors and the brightest minds in all of Ichua. It is the center of all governance throughout the land, where the ruling ministry gathers to impart law, settle differences and lead the epic struggle against the evil of the Darkest Tower. It is a refuge for the weary traveler with a pure heart. And most importantly of all, it is a symbol of hope and victory for Ichuans everywhere.

Training Camp


Ticket Exchange

Heal Center

Wishing Well

Rock Of Beta

Pawn Brokers

Tree Stump Hotel

Vending Machine

The Lucky Bag

Job Centre

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